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KFC Menu Prices In Philippines

Let’s explore KFC menu prices in Philippines, where a delectable symphony of flavors awaits. Be prepared to go on a mouthwatering journey that doesn’t just satisfy your cravings, but also your wallet.

Find out what makes KFC such a haven for foodies who want a delightful dining experience without breaking the bank with mouthwatering chicken selections, irresistible combos, and delicious sides.


Cheezy Italian Pasta Combo₱105.00
Cheezy Italian Twister Combo₱170.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Combo₱170.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Fully Loaded Meal₱240.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Group for 3₱700.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Group for 4₱930.00
Double Dasurv Ala Carte₱130.00
Double Dasurv Meal₱165.00
Bucket of 10₱730.00
8-pc Bucket Meal₱720.00
2-pc Fully Loaded Meal₱250.00
Famous Bowl Meal₱80.00
Twister Combo₱150.00
Large Shots Combo₱165.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal with Buttered Corn₱160.00
Zinger Combo₱179.00


Cheezy Italian Famous Bowl Meal₱105.00
Cheezy Italian Famous Bowl₱85.00
Cheezy Italian Sloppy Shots₱200.00
Cheezy Italian Sloppy Shots Combo₱225.00


Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Group for 3₱700.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Group for 4₱930.00
6-pc Bucket Meal with Rice Fixins, Drinks, and Brownies₱610.00
8-pc Bucket Meal with Rice Fixins, Drinks, and Brownies₱820.00
8-PC Bucket Meal₱720.00
6-pc Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks₱490.00
8-pc Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks₱654.00
6-PC Bucket Meal₱565.00
6-pc Bucket Meal with Rice, Drinks, and Spaghetti₱789.00
8-pc Bucket Meal with Rice, Drinks, and Spaghetti₱1045.00
Bucket of 6₱479.00
Bucket of 8₱589.00
Bucket of 10₱730.00
Bucket of 15₱1095.00
Bucket of 20₱1460.00
Bucket of 6 with Spaghetti Platter₱599.00
Bucket of 6 with Fixin Super Platter₱645.00
Bucket of 8 with Fixin Super Platter₱799.00
Bucket of 10 with Super Platter₱1095.00


Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Fully Loaded Meal₱240.00
Chicken Chops Fully Loaded Meal₱189.00
1-PC Fully Loaded Meal₱170.00
2-PC Fully Loaded Meal₱250.00
Shots Fully Loaded Meal₱225.00
Famous Bowl Fully Loaded Meal₱205.00


Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Meal₱150.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Ala Carte₱120.00
Cheezy Italian Zinger Steak Combo₱170.00
2-PC Chicken Meal with Fixin₱219.00
Chicken Chops Ala Carte₱65.00
Chicken Chops Meal₱95.00
1-PC Chicken Meal with Mashed Potato₱155.00
Chicken Chops Combo₱115.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Ala Carte₱105.00
1-PC Chicken Ala Carte₱90.00
2-PC Chicken Ala Carte₱179.00
1-PC Chicken Meal with Soup₱155.00
1-PC Chicken Meal₱115.00
2-PC Chicken Meal₱205.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal with Buttered Corn₱160.00


Cheezy Italian Pasta₱75.00
Cheezy Italian Pasta Combo₱105.00
Spaghetti Super Platter₱160.00
Ala King Rice Bowl Meal₱159.00
Sisig Rice Bowl Meal₱159.00
1-PC Chicken Spaghetti Meal₱175.00
Ala King Rice Bowl₱119.00
Sisig Rice Bowl₱119.00


Double Dasurv Ala Carte₱130.00
Double Dasurv Meal₱165.00
Famous Bowl Meal₱80.00
Famous Bowl Super Platter₱260.00
Large Shots Combo₱165.00
Famous Bowl₱65.00
Shots Combo₱115.00
Regular Shots₱69.00
Large Shots₱115.00


Cheezy Italian Twister₱130.00
Cheezy Italian Twister Combo₱170.00
Chicken Cheeseburger Combo₱130.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker₱110.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker Combo₱169.00
Chicken Cheeseburger₱65.00
Zinger Combo₱179.00
Twister Combo₱150.00
California Maki Twister₱109.00


Hash Cup₱19.00
Fixin Platter₱245.00
Extra Tomato Sauce₱35.00
Half Rice₱20.00
Extra Cheeze Sauce₱35.00
Extra Rice₱40.00
Junior Bucket of Fries₱95.00
Mushroom Soup₱45.00
Large Gravy₱35.00
Extra Rice₱35.00
Extra Chicken Butter Rice₱40.00
Extra Garlic Rice₱40.00
Regular Gravy₱25.00


Iced Black Coffee₱49.00
Creamy Iced Coffee₱59.00
Coke Float₱49.00
Coke Zero Float₱49.00
Sprite Float₱49.00
Unsweetened Iced Tea₱60.00

Understanding KFC in the Philippines:

Knowing KFC’s deep-rooted connection to Filipino culture is key to understanding it in the Philippines. With KFC’s fusion of flavors, you’ll find a mouthwatering fusion of flavors that cater to Filipino palates. KFC’s menu is influenced by Filipino cuisine, which is known for hearty meals, vibrant spices, and communal dining experiences.

It’s more than just a delicious menu. KFC has become part of Filipino celebrations, gatherings, and even everyday life. For Filipinos, it’s not just about the scrumptious food, but also about nostalgia and familiarity. For many, KFC has become a culinary companion, whether it’s a bucket of chicken shared with family, a quick bite during lunch break, or a comfort food fix on rainy days.

Quality is also at the heart of KFC’s operations in the Philippines. In addition to sourcing local ingredients, KFC adheres to stringent food safety standards. Philippine diners appreciate both the flavors and the trust they place in the brand thanks to this dedication.

Factors Influencing KFC Menu Prices in the Philippines:

KFC’s menu prices in the Philippines are influenced by a lot of things. Market competitiveness, operational expenses, and supply and demand are factors that influence the cost of ingredients. Depending on the price of raw materials, such as chicken, spices, and other ingredients, menu prices can fluctuate. Aside from operational expenses like rent, labor, and utilities, prices are also affected by operational expenses.

The dynamics of supply and demand can also affect menu prices. A price increase may be necessary to balance supply and manage customer expectations during times of high demand. In a competitive marketplace, KFC also uses promotional offers and seasonal deals to gain and retain customers.

The fact that KFC maintains a commitment to offering quality and value to its customers is important to note. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the delicious offerings from KFC, the menu includes a variety of options that fit different budgets and preferences.


How much is famous bowl at KFC Philippines?

The famous bowl super plater is for ₱272.00 at most of the KFC locations in Philippines.

How much is the KFC double down in the Philippines?

The price of the KFC Double Down in the Philippines is Ala Carte – PhP 189.00 and also varies, so it’s best to check with your local KFC restaurant for the current pricing.

Is KFC halal in Philippines?

Currently, KFC restaurants in the Philippines do not hold a Halal certification. However, they may occasionally introduce limited-time offers that may contain pork. It’s advisable to inquire directly with the specific KFC branch for any halal options they may have.

How much is KFC Pizza Twister in the Philippines?

The price of the KFC Pizza Twister Meal is P210 in the Philippines and may vary depending on the location and any ongoing promotions.

How much is the KFC delivery charge in the Philippines?

The delivery charge for KFC in the Philippines is a fixed fee of Php 49.00 per delivery transaction. It’s important to note that any changes made to the order may reset the initial quoted time given by the call center agents.


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