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Burger King Menu Prices In Philippines

Are you a fan of delectable fast-food and tasty burgers? Explore the mouthwatering Burger King menu prices in Philippines. Discover a variety of delicious burgers, sides, and beverages at affordable rates. Indulge in the delectable treats from Burger King and satisfy your cravings for scrumptious fast food.

We’ll take you on a delightful journey through Burger King’s menu prices in the Philippines to see what’s available. For decades, Burger King has been serving customers with flame-grilled burgers and tasty foods. Throughout this article, we’ll explore the various mouthwatering items on Burger King’s menu and provide you with the information you need before heading to your local Burger King.


King Feast PackagePrice Range (₱)
King Feast for 2₱ 329.00 – ₱ 449.00
King Feast for 2₱ 407.00 – ₱ 527.00
King Feast for 2₱ 427.00 – ₱ 547.00
King Feast for 4₱ 699.00 – ₱ 779.00
King Feast for 4₱ 855.00 – ₱ 935.00
King Feast for 4₱ 895.00 – ₱ 975.00


ItemPrice (₱)
Angry WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 109.00
Angry WHOPPER®₱ 229.00
Angry X-tra Long Chicken Jr.₱ 95.00
Angry X-tra Long Chicken₱ 145.00


ItemPrice (₱)
King’s Bucket, Thick-Cut Fries₱ 189.00
King’s Bucket, Hash Bites₱ 189.00
King’s Bucket, Onion Rings₱ 209.00
6-pc. Cheese Bites₱ 109.00
10-pc. Cheese Bites₱ 169.00
FLASH DEAL: P99 4-Cheese WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 99.00
Caramel Espresso Sundae₱ 59.00
1-pc. BK Chunky Chicken Fillet₱ 75.00
2-pc. BK Chunky Chicken Fillet₱ 125.00
X WHOPPER® Jr. Combo with BK Café₱ 99.00
X X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Combo with BK Café₱ 85.00
X Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger Combo with BK Café₱ 95.00


Combo ItemPrice (₱)
WHOPPER® Jr. Combo with Regular Drink₱ 99.00
X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Combo with Regular Drink₱ 85.00
Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger Combo with Regular Drink₱ 95.00
1-pc. BK Chunky Chicken Fillet Combo with Regular Drink₱ 95.00
Flame-Grilled Hamburger Combo with Regular Drink₱ 95.00


ItemPrice (₱)
WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 79.00
WHOPPER®₱ 199.00
Pepperoni Bacon WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 179.00
Pepperoni Bacon WHOPPER®₱ 299.00


ItemPrice (₱)
4-Cheese WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 115.00
4-Cheese WHOPPER®₱ 249.00
Bacon 4-Cheese WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 209.00
Bacon 4-Cheese WHOPPER®₱ 335.00


ItemPrice (₱)
X-tra Long Chicken Jr.₱ 65.00
X-tra Long Chicken₱ 115.00


ItemPrice (₱)
Plant-Based WHOPPER® Jr.₱ 109.00
Plant-Based WHOPPER®₱ 245.00
Plant-Based X-tra Long Chicken₱ 175.00


ItemPrice (₱)
Chicken King₱ 179.00
Spicy Chicken King₱ 189.00


ItemPrice (₱)
Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger₱ 69.00
Flame-Grilled Double Cheeseburger₱ 195.00
Flame-Grilled Triple Cheeseburger₱ 295.00
Flame-Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger₱ 345.00
Quarter Pound King₱ 239.00
Double Quarter Pound King₱ 349.00
Flame-Grilled BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger₱ 185.00
Flame-Grilled Double BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger₱ 269.00
Flame-Grilled Hamburger₱ 69.00
Flame-Grilled BBQ Hamburger₱ 69.00


ItemPrice (₱)
Bacon King Jr.₱ 205.00
Bacon King₱ 299.00
BBQ Bacon King Jr.₱ 205.00
BBQ Bacon King₱ 299.00
Double Bacon King Jr.₱ 269.00
Double Bacon King₱ 439.00
Double BBQ Bacon King Jr.₱ 269.00
Double BBQ Bacon King₱ 439.00
Mushroom Swiss King Jr.₱ 199.00
Double Mushroom Swiss King Jr.₱ 265.00
Mushroom Swiss King₱ 275.00


ItemPrice (₱)
1-pc. Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg w/ Rice₱ 165.00
2-pc. Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken Leg w/ Rice₱ 245.00
4-pc. Chicken Nuggets₱ 85.00
6-pc. Chicken Nuggets₱ 125.00
10-pc. Chicken Nuggets₱ 199.00


ItemPrice Range (₱)
Thick-Cut Fries₱ 49.00 – ₱ 99.00
Onion Rings₱ 59.00 – ₱ 109.00
Hash Bites₱ 49.00 – ₱ 99.00


ItemPrice Range (₱)
Iced Sweet Black Coffee₱ 55.00 – ₱ 75.00
Iced Vanilla Coffee₱ 65.00 – ₱ 85.00
Iced Mocha Coffee₱ 65.00 – ₱ 85.00
Roast Coffee₱ 49.00


ItemPrice Range (₱)
Iced Tea₱ 59.00 – ₱ 79.00
Coke Original Taste₱ 59.00 – ₱ 79.00
Coke Zero Sugar₱ 59.00 – ₱ 79.00
Minute Maid Apple Juice₱ 65.00 – ₱ 85.00
Minute Maid Orange Juice₱ 65.00 – ₱ 85.00
Sprite®₱ 59.00 – ₱ 79.00
Rootbeer Drink₱ 55.00 – ₱ 77.00
Coke Float₱ 49.00
Rootbeer Float₱ 49.00
Coke Original Taste in Can₱ 59.00
Coke Zero Sugar in Can₱ 59.00
Bottled Water₱ 39.00


ItemPrice (₱)
Caramel Espresso Sundae₱ 59.00
Chocolate Sundae₱ 48.00
Caramel Sundae₱ 48.00
Espresso Sundae₱ 59.00


4:00 AM – 10:00 AM

ItemPrice (₱)
Breakfast Sausage Sandwich₱ 109.00
Spam, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich₱ 128.00
Mushroom, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich₱ 128.00
Spam Bacon Platter₱ 154.00
Spam Platter₱ 150.00
Bacon Platter₱ 158.00

Burger King Menu Prices in Philippines:

Delight in Burger King’s Tempting Offerings

Check out the enticing Burger King menu prices in Philippines as we take you on a mouthwatering journey. There are tons of delicious burgers, chicken sandwiches, sides, and desserts at Burger King. Burger King has something to satisfy your cravings, whether you’re craving a classic Whopper or a unique Secret Menu treat. Let’s take a look at Burger King’s menu and see what’s in store!

Burgers: Savoring the Signature Flavors

There’s nothing better than Burger King’s burgers. Each burger is flame-grilled to perfection, enhancing the taste and giving it that distinctive smoky flavor. With flame-grilled beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and ripe onions on top of a soft sesame seed bun, the iconic Whopper is the ultimate sandwich. Choose the Cheeseburger for a cheesy twist, featuring the same flame-grilled beef patty with gooey American cheese.

Chicken Sandwiches: A Twist on Tradition

There’s a lot of chicken at Burger King! Their Crispy Chicken Sandwich has a crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, and mayo topped with lettuce, all sandwiched in a warm bun. With a fiery flavor that tantalizes your taste buds, the Spicy Chicken Jr. is the perfect choice if you like a kick of spice.

King’s Meal Deals: Value-Packed Satisfaction

Are you hungry for a complete meal? The King’s Meal Deals include a satisfying burger, crispy fries, and a refreshing drink, all at an incredible price. With fries and a cold beverage, you can get all the goodness of a Whopper.

Sides and Snacks: Complement Your Meal

With our sides and snacks, you can add a burst of flavor to your meal. If you want something cheesy and melty, try the Mozzarella Sticks. Crispy Onion Rings are crunchy, while Cheesy Fries are comfort food at its best.

Beverages: Quench Your Thirst

Keeping hydrated is easy with Burger King’s drinks. Pick from soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Sprite, or try the Iced Tea for something refreshing. The refreshing Fruit Juices are sure to delight if you’re in the mood for something fruity.

Desserts: Sweet Treats to Satisfy

Burger King’s desserts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, and nothing makes a meal more satisfying than a sweet ending. For the ultimate indulgence, try the irresistible Chocolate Brownie. It’s vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate or strawberry syrup and topped with a cherry.

Breakfast Delights: Kickstart Your Morning

You can start your day right with Burger King’s scrumptious breakfast options. The Breakfast King Jr. is filled with American cheese, fluffy eggs, and flame-grilled beef. Hamdesal is a tasty combination of ham and egg on a soft pandesal bun, bringing a local twist to the sandwich.


A wide variety of burgers, sides, and drinks are available at Burger King in Philippines. There are always new things to try at Burger King, from the affordable Value Menu to the excitement of limited-time offers. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Whopper or looking for vegetarian options, Burger King has something for every taste. You’ve got to head to your nearest Burger King and let your taste buds get spoiled!


How much is Burger King Whopper in the Philippines?

The price of a Burger King Whopper in the Philippines varies depending on the location, but it is typically around ₱140.00. Get the Whopper Jr. for only ₱69.00.

Which is cheaper McDonald’s or Burger King?

In general, McDonald’s is considered to be cheaper than Burger King in the Philippines.

What is the most expensive burger at Burger King?

The most expensive burger at Burger King in the Philippines is Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger ₱ 69.00.

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